“AB KI BAAR TRUMP SARKAR” authored by Republican campaign strategist James Kahrs is a book about how one man flipped the Hindu-American votes to put Trump in the White House

“Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkar” is a book written by a well known Republican campaign strategist and manager James Kahrs. It is a result of Kahrs talking to tens of Hindu Americans from all walks of life who were part of this campaign.
Mr. Kahrs is a close associate of Mr. Sabastian Gorka, Deputy NSA of USA.
The Book is published by MIll City Press, affiliated with Gingrich family.
Book will soon be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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Authored by James Kahrs, this story is about one of the most stunning political achievements in modern American history. For generations, the Hindu-American vote was fiercely loyal to the Democratic Party. But, in 2016, a determined non-political inventor, engineer, and businessman launched an audacious and improbable campaign to reverse that trend—and it worked.  Because of the demographic distribution of this vibrant community, the newly minted Hindu Republican votes delivered Donald Trump victories in key battleground states, putting him into the White House.

In the 2012 presidential political cycle, 16% of Hindu-Americans supported Republican nominee Mitt Romney. But 2016 saw a huge reversal: 65 percent of these same Hindu-American voters supported Donald Trump. No other ethnic group switched so dramatically, and those votes in key battleground states provided the margin of victory for Trump. This is the story of that effort and the man who crafted and implemented one of the greatest political turnarounds in modern American history.

The book also provides an insight into the mind of a man who is determined to make US and India great trading partners creating millions of jobs in both countries, and in the process become strongest allies and make the SAARC (South Asia) region more stable and secure.