Filmibeat says Bollywood beauty Manasvi is Trump’s favourite actress

Manasvi  shares the stage with Donald Trump at the Republican Hindu Coalition event in the US

We all know how much Donald Trump despises Hollywood and the Oscars and he even taunted the recent mix-up of the Best Film Award as, “I think they were focused so hard on politics that they didn’t get the act together at the end.” He also criticised the Oscars on Twitter as “boring” and a “sad joke” in the recent past too. Now that it’s obvious he doesn’t like Hollywood, we wonder what he thinks about Bollywood! Well, the fact of the matter is, Donald Trump has a favourite B-town actress and she’s none other than Manasvi, who represented India at the Miss World beauty pageant in 2010.

 Donald Trump calls Manasvi as “Miss Bollywood”. She also represented India at the Miss World in 2010

RHC founder Shalabh Kumar and his daughter Manasvi had a word with Donald Trump at the Inauguration Day dinner. 

RHC Ambassador India Manasvi and her father Shalabh Kumar meet  President Donald Trump in Washington D.C.

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