National Herald refers to RHC Ambassador India, Manasvi as “Beauty with Brains”

Manasvi, Mr. Shalabh Kumar’s daughter, is RHC India Ambassador. Shalabh Kumar and Manasvi were the principal authors and managers of the Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkar campaign that resulted in the biggest switch of votes of any ethnic community in US in any election.

Manasvi campaigned tirelessly for then election candidate, President Trump. Manasvi holds the distinction of the sole person from Bollywood or Hollywood who met with Donald Trump more than a dozen times during and after the Presidential campaign. Manasvi is former Miss India, a Super model and a Bollywood actress. She is indeed a “Beauty with Brains”.

Manasvi will surely play a very important role in shaping up cultural relations between US and India, particularly Bollywood and US government, to increase tourism and trade between the two “best friends” as declared by President Donald Trump in his speech at the Hindu rally in New Jersey in October, the two largest democracies in the world.

Manasvi is also an expert on election issues relating to Hindu and Indian Americans, and US India relations, and this very strategical campaign that helped change the American landscape forever.

Manasvi also has her official page which she shares details of her political and bollywood life.

      /       Press Publish Date: March 18, 2017       /       Publisher: INS       /