Hindustan Times talks about RHC Ambassador India Manasvi taking a centre stage in RHC Charity Concert


RHC Ambassador India Manasvi along with her father,  Shalabh Kumar played a prominent role in Trump’s election campaign resulting in the biggest switch of votes in any ethnic community in the US. She worked really hard and left no stone unturned in not only organising the event but also performed in it making the event a big success.

RHC Ambassador India Manasvi graced the occasion with the flavour of Bollywood Tadka by performing on a medley of top Bollywood chartbusters like ‘Jai Ho’, ‘Kaala Chashma’, ‘Jumme ki Raat’ amongst others. This event was played live in front of 800,000 audiences and was telecasted live to more than 2 billion viewers.

She expressed her overwhelmed emotions saying:

I have never been so nervous performing live; we had been rehearsing for the last 15 days. This event was a culmination of all the efforts we had taken for the presidential campaign. We had earlier put together ‘Humanity United against Terror’, a Bollywood charity event that Trump addressed. This is our way of saying thank you to the Indian community. Several industrialists, dignitaries including Mika Singh attended the event as guests. In fact, this was the first time a Bollywood performance was a part of the US Presidential inauguration,”

Manasvi’s logical approach and sharp intellect has surely paved a long way for her in politics as RHC Ambassador.

      /       Date: March 30, 2017       /       Publisher: Hindustan Times       /