RHC ambassador Manasvi welcomes Eric Trump in a hindu temple by performing the traditional aarti
November 1, 2016  |   Politics  |   0

RHC founder Shalabh Kumar with daughter and RHC ambassador, Manasvi organised a visit to a Hindu temple for Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump in Orlando, Florida. Eric Trump arrived at the temple in Orlando in a suit but changed his clothes and wore a cream- coloured traditional Hindu Sherwani to attend the Hindu prayer, also known as ‘Aarti’. He was warmly welcomed by a number of devotees. Manasvi welcomed him by performing the traditional Aarti and offering him the flower garland.
He took a tour of the temple where the priest explained to him the significance of Aarti and other Hindu rituals. Shalli Kumar and Manasvi shared some interesting tales of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Laxman and Goddess Sita. He carefully gave a ear to every tale very joyfully observing the idols of Hindu Gods. He respectfully attended the Aarti and received blessings of the deity. The priest wrapped him in a saffron stole and offered him holy water to seek the blessings. Interestingly, Eric Trump also performed the traditional Hindu Aarti.
Eric’s visit to the Hindu temple in Orlando was a resounding success and he prayed there for his father’s victory along with Kumar and his daughter Manasvi. Kumar said, “Manasvi has repeated this story multiple times on Indian television when she recalls that Eric learned and memorized the names of all these deities very quickly and he ended the visit by saying: “I am honored to have been adopted by you, the Hindus.”

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